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Real talk. Why is there a share button on p*rn sites?
Who jacks one and thinks: 'My homie would enjoy this. Better send him a link with this handy share button.'

Okay, okay, can someone please explain to me how 'Selter' became 'Seltzer' and why the duck is there a hard variety? kthxbye

Want a dead simple screenshot util? I gotchu: :nya_nya:

Now with ✨more✨ spaghetti code.

you can not only open a bottle of beer with a lighter but also with a USB Stick

Quick :
5-3*2 =

Can someone please explain to me, why I think it is disgusting to wash my dishes. Like I litterly just ate that shit. It's not disgusting.

i have to admit, there's nothing quite as nostalgic for me, than minecraft music

Can you tell whether someone declined your follow request or is just ignoring it?
Asking for a friend.

You know an expert in their field was at work, when you look at the result, wonder why they did it like that and after some research and thinking you realize their solution solves a problem you didn't even think about.

We all know that self documenting code is a myth. Stop lying to yourself sheeple!

I never understood this 'making your bed in the morning' thing. From time to time I will make my bed, if it bothers me, but more often than not, I just don't care. Also, I can't recall my parents ever telling me, to make my bed.
Am I missing out on something, or is Hollywood lying to me?

Currently working on an easy-to-use CSS Framework for prototyping which simply hooks into standard html tags, so you don't need to memorize random classes and you can focus on the fun parts of life: Backend.

If anyone knows something like that, please let me know, I'm always interested in saving me some work.

Managed to get a random girl's reddit account deleted today. #blessed #vanlife #yoga 

She tried to doxx some dude.

If you haven't, go watch Bee and PuppyCat. Whole series is only an hour long and really calming and soothing. 11/10 can recommend

The fuck is going on with this 'oversimplified logos' shit? I thought it would simply die out, but I still see posts like that.
Honestly, if they wouldn't change logos once in a while, yall would freak out aswell. Just look up old logos, while cool looking they're hella out of place for a brand these days.
Corporate Design changes. It really doesn't matter. Just stop whining.

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