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hello I'm yuri !!

- soft catboy
- gay
- server maid
- also makes stuff with electronics sometimes (but is bad at it)
- studies CS

I love self hosting software and am a big fan of hosting everything at home. I like spending my time maintaining my home server(s).

Nice to meet you! :nachoneko_smile:
(tell me about your home server setup!!!)

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I got a lot of positive feedback after my Lightning Talk about the ThinkPad X230 WQHD display mod. Thanks everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :blobcathearts:

At home now…
I met a lot of new people and my crushing anxiety when talking to strangers completely vanished after the first day. Everyone was very open minded, friendly and supportive. So thanks for these amazing days!

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just found out that the vps I rented can apparently do up to 5 GBit/s with no traffic limit

i'm ready for the next pixelflut!

Ich werde wahrscheinlich einen Lightning Talk über einen ThinkPad X220/X230 WQHD Display Mod halten.
Wer ein ThinkPad X220 oder X230 hat und Spaß am basteln damit hat, kann ja mal um 20:00 vorbeischauen

will update my mastodon instance to v3.5.2 now

hopefully my patches don't break :nya_a:

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>click PDF
>why is it not opening
"open with winebrowser"
i swear to god
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We have an electrical outage.
we, I mean THE TRAIN has an electrical outage.
We are standing in the middle of nowhere and the conductor just announced a ~30 min delay.



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I will be at with @Bendodroid btw!
This will be my first Chaos event and I'm so excited!!! :akko_aww:

person in front of me got the last cheeseburger at the uni cafeteria :akko_sad2:

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