hello I'm yuri !!

- soft catboy
- gay
- server maid
- also makes stuff with electronics sometimes (but is bad at it)
- studies CS

I love self hosting software and am a big fan of hosting everything at home. I like spending my time maintaining my home server(s).

Nice to meet you! :nachoneko_smile:
(tell me about your home server setup!!!)

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my home server setup is
x1 ROCKPro 64
x2 6 TB WD Red Pro disks in RAID 1

my remove server setup is
x1 AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, x2 1 TB NVMe SSDs in RAID 1 sitting in a Hetzner datacenter in Finland
x?? VPSes around the world for various things


@amolith nice!
Did you connect the HDDs with SATA to USB adapters oder did you plug a SATA PCIe card into the ROCKPro64?

@amolith small SBCs with a large PCIe card connected to it always look quite funny to me

@yuri my home server is a raspberry pi 3B running homebridge and retroarch
it is slow

@dia I'm using a model 1B to control multiple things with its GPIO pins. Every time I have to SSH into that thing to configure something… pain

@yuri Oh god a 1B... might as well use a Gameboy. What else you got running?

@dia yep, but I only need it to act as a 433MHz RF to MQTT bridge for my homeassistant VM, read out a CO2 sensor and occasionally change the content of an e-paper display using SPI, which doesn't hit too hard on the CPU.

As for what else I'm running uhhhh.. let me write a thread I can pin on my profile.

@yuri that sounds so cool already! You've got an e-paper display for your smart home?? I want that!

@dia yeah, it's pretty cool.
But right now I just use it to cycle trough some modified Bad Apple MV frames lol

@yuri YES, you GET IT, that's the best use of an e-ink display I can think of!!

@dia Thanks! :blobcathearts:

I just remembered I wanted to invert the black and white of this image. It looks so much better now with the cherry blossoms on the white background!

@yuri it looks quite sharp too! I... I kinda want that. How much does a display like that cost and would a RPi be a good computer to run it off of?

@dia I got the 7.5 inch 880x528px 3-color one from Waveshare from their Amazon shop for around 59€, but they don't seem to have this model on their website anymore. But there is a 800×480px model. These displays tend to be quite expensive, especially the larger models.

My display came with a HAT for the RPi which you can use to attach the display without any additional wires. In theory any computer with SPI can control the display, but it uses a custom protocol and Waveshare only provides libraries for the Arduino, RPi and Jetson Nano.
For the RPi the library is written in Python. There might also exist libaries for other languages and computers made by other people.

@dia The way it works is that you generate or load an image into a PIL image buffer which will be passed to the library.
The thing is that this isn't one these super responsive e-paper displays you can find in some tablets. It takes around 10 seconds to display the final image and in the process the display is flashing rapidly.
The problem with using a RPi 1B is that it takes ages to process the image. Around 1 minute in my case, even though the file is already in a BMP format.

@dia But with a model 3 or 4 this shouldn't be that much of a problem.

@dia oh and it doesn't come with a case. I 3D printed mine.

@yuri hmm, the price is alright but the lack of a case would be a problem, since I don't have a 3D printer

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